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April 2019

april 2019It’s April! Spring into the new season with one of our Staff Picks! April 7-13 is also National Library Week, so show your local library some love by stopping in for special activities!



Pat – Circulation

can you ever forgive me.jpgCan You Ever Forgive Me?, starring Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant, and Dolly Wells, New DVD Can You…

Based on a true story, Lee Israel, played by Melissa McCarthy, is a writer, an alcoholic, has no money, her cat is sick, and she is months behind in her rent. She began forging letters from famous literary people and succeeds in fooling honest, hardworking sellers who trusted her. When her letters cause suspicion, she has her friend, Jack Hock, a flamboyant drug dealer sell the letters for her. Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant are both excellent in this movie.


Paula – Circulation

blackkklansman.jpgBlacKkKlansman, starring John David Washington, Laura Harrier, and Adam Driver, New DVD BlacKkKlansman

Based on a true story, BlacKkKlansman recounts the work of Ron Stallworth, the first African-American to serve as a detective on the Colorado Springs Police Department. After joining the force, Ron makes contact with the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, and decides to infiltrate and expose the activity of the notorious hate group. Bringing in fellow detective Flip Zimmerman, Ron goes undercover as a new member of the KKK. Ron handles all communication by phone, while Flip pretends to be Ron in person. The film brilliantly depicts the dangerous events of the case and the risks that had to be taken to take down the KKK. It is dramatic and emotional, and an excellent parallel to some of the hateful events that are happening in today’s society.

Hubbell – Circulation

the facebook dilemmaThe Facebook Dilemma, New DVD 302.231 Facebook…

Facebook’s privacy troubles began long before the Cambridge Analytical scandal and the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ predates the 2016 American presidential election. Frontline’s analysis mixes older, forgotten footage of candid interviews and expert opinion to demonstrate Facebook’s past history of manipulating and exploiting its users data. It also focuses on Facebook’s inability to keep with its own growth and how that problem allowed armies of trolls to influence public opinion and sow discord.


Melissa – Technical Services

one more thingOne More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, by B.J. Novak, Fiction Novak

Many people know B.J. Novak from his role as Ryan on “The Office”, and are aware that he was also a staff writer for the show. As a fan of the series, I expected his stories to be similar in their usage and style of humor. They were not, at all, and yet they were still so much fun. Novak is an incredibly talented writer, and these stories are some of the most creative I have read. At times, he takes a seemingly mundane phrase or idea and delves so deep into its history or practicality, and does so in ways that literally make the reader laugh out loud. Though I hesitate to use the word “fun” should people read that as “trivial”, but they are so much fun, and still so inventive.


Jake – Administration

man-who-caught-storm.jpgThe Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras, by Brantley Hargrove, Nonfiction 551.553 HAR

Tim Samaras is a man who likes thunderstorms and tornadoes. He spends his springs chasing them all across the Midwestern plains taking photographs and video. Soon though this is not enough. He wants to prove to the scientific community that the center of the tornado can be penetrated and that vital data can be gathered. Samaras puts his nontraditional education and tinkering skills to the test in trying to complete the task. This book follows his quest and demise. An interesting book that gives a look at storm chasing, while showing one man’s determination.



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