Here we are in August. Summer is ending and school is right around the corner. Here’s some things we liked!

Melissa – Reference

whatdogsaw“What the Dog Saw” – by Malcolm Gladwell – NONFICTION: 814.6 GLA

This series of essays demonstrates fascinating elements of every-day things, such as the marketing history of hair color, panic versus choking in athletes and performers, the rise of breast cancer, late-blooming geniuses, and the trouble with recruiting successful college quarterbacks.
As usual, Gladwell is a delight to read. Without trying to push opinion or facilitate interest where there is none, he reveals the (often) surprisingly fascination history behind every-day objects and events.

Mary – Youth Services

sedaris“When You Are Engulfed in Flames” – by David Sedaris– Nonfiction: 814.54 SED

There is no modern writer as sardonic, and neurotic as Sedaris. Coupled with the audiobook which contains Sedaris’ peculiar voice, his strange life stories are bizarre, and disturbingly funny. His neurotic world preoccupies itself over what some may overlook, such as the horrors of coughing up a sticky lozenge on a sleeping flight passenger, or grave inconveniences, such as trying to book a shadow date at a busy morgue. Unforgettable and strange, Sedaris is definitely an American writer and essayist not to be missed.

oceanatendoflane“The Ocean At The End of the Lane” –By Neil Gaiman—NEW FICTION: GAIMAN

Most Costco employees probably know me by now. Have an excellent book come out, and I am eagerly awaiting its release. And then, proceed to read it on their sofas. This Neil Gaiman book is remarkably unlike anything else. It begins with a suicide at the end of a small lane in England, and ends as something much greater than what can be described effectively. This story is mournful, with razor-edge sharp characters, and is intrinsically captivating; my favorite Neil Gaiman work. This is a survival story of the human lives we lead, and it cuts deep into the reasons of why we live, and what keeps us here.

mybrothersbook“My Brother’s Book”—by Maurice Sendak—NEW YOUNG ADULT: SENDAK

Completed before his death, this book is Sendak’s tribute to his late brother. In this other-worldly tale, Sendak explores the pain of losing others in a masterful, new, and spell-binding way. Once in an interview Maurice Sendak said, “There is no such thing as fantasy unrelated to reality.” This truth is nowhere more beautifully shown than this puzzling, small, and challenging life-narrative.

Matt – Reference

surferblood“Pythons” – By: Surfer Blood – NEW CD: CD 781.66 SURFER BLOOD

Surfer Blood is an excellent indie rock group from Florida whose influences blend late 50’s early 60’s surf rock with 90’s post-punk indie. This is a great summer record with excellent song structure and catchy hooks.

daftpunk“Random Access Memories” – By: Daft Punk – NEW CD: CD 781.63 DAFT PUNK

Ever since the band’s album Discovery Daft Punk has been the name in dance music. They keep pushing their own creative boundaries collaborating with different artists and making a neo-disco record using guitars, drums, and bass in addition to the midis, talkboxes, synthesizers and keyboards. Very catchy.

likeclockwork“….Like Clockwork” – By: Queens of the Stone Age – NEW CD: 781.66 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE

Desert Rock rides again. Josh Homme, the only remaining original member of Queens of the Stone Age, writes another great album incorporating his style of droning hard rock music that is stylistically a mix of their two previous albums Era Vulgaris and Lullabies to Paralyze.


Look for us in the first week of next month for more picks!

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